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Think Home Training


I am returning home from Germany - how will I fit back into my home culture?

I have changed while I was away - how will my family and friends react to me?

Before returning to their home country international students may ask themselves these and similar questions.

This training is designed for you as a volunteer who is involved in international student ministry

  • to understand the dynamics international students go through when they think about going home (hopes and fears, Reverse Culture Shock)
  • to effectively help international students to prepare for their return (becoming aware of changes in themselves or their home setting, strategies for adaptation and reintegration, …)
  • to give you some tools for returnee preparation that you can use with the international students you know

Although it is an online training, it will be quite interactive. You will get to try out for yourself some of the tools that you can use later with the internationals.


Language: This seminar will be held in English.

Day: Monday December 5, 2022

Time:  7-9 pm

The workshop will take place online.

Preparation: After registering you will receive an automatic confirmation E-Mail. About a week before the training you will receive an access code to the meeting room and some materials that help you prepare for the training.

Facilitators: Katrin Steinbauer, Trainer-advisors for international students



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